Your vote 2015

Your Vote 2015

A website I created to promote Voter Advice Applications.

Gaming Quiz

Gaming Quiz

A poster and answer sheet I created for a gaming quiz I hosted at the Quad.

Greenhatch Group Brochure

Greenhatch Group Brochure

A brochure I created detailing the different sevices Greenhatch has to offer.

Greenhatch Group Motion Graphic

A promotional motion graphic video I created for Greenhatch Group.

Logos and Graphics

Collection of logos and graphics I have designed.

Ecosaver Website

The ecosaver website is a place where consumers would visit to see the latest reviews and prices of both products and household energy.

Ecosaver Magazine

ecosaver is a magazine I produced at university along with an accompanying website.

Gamer Magazine

gamer. is a magazine that I created for a print production module at university. gamer. covers video games and would feature previews and reviews of the latest games, as well as featuring articles on the game industry as a whole.